Simon the Wounded is an Eisen priest raised in the heart of the Church; Vaticine City. Theus spoke to him a few months ago, telling him that it was his destiny to restore the Hierophant to power. However, there was one problem; Verdugo wants the seat for himself. And so, the humble priest left Vaticine City in search of like-minded individuals to help him in his quest.

Diego Rodriquez Grijalva is a nobleman whose family recently… relocated to the Forest of the Fiends. Branded as a heretic by the Inquisition, Diego was forced to seek refuge out of the eye of Verdugo and his goons. He chose the Knights of the Rose and Cross as his sanctuary, becoming an initiate to dodge the Inquisitors. Barely weeks after he became a Poor Knight, Diego wakes up to find himself leagues from his chapter house in a tavern of Old Numa. Uncovering the story of how he got their leads him to discover some deeper truths about himself.

The ‘Smiling Swordsman’ who goes only by the name Diego de la Castille wanders Theah as a sword for hire. Any who can afford his price are viable customers and with the pin of the Swordsman’s Guild shining on his otherwise unobtrusive clothing, he has never backed down from a duel. For whatever reason, the young man finds himself in Old Numa in the company of a Poor Knight when the Inquisition shows up. What could they want with a simple swordsman?

The Restoration of a Hierophant